Sunday, 14 July 2013

july 14

heat leaves an itch
sunset leaves a glow globe
just above the low trees
my eys squint
I take thistles, nettles, scratches as I low lie
its in the thoes of cvergrow
heavy with heat
quite still as if the air has stopped breathing

Sunday, 30 June 2013

june 30

black shadowed oak filled in with leaves so sky becomes the rare
talking of innumerable grasses leaning and busking with their different rhythms in a circling breeze some caught buttercups adding the yellow, lower cloves and denser grasses this untamed orchestra choreographed by wind reverberating with gesture leads on to the water just some white light in the green mud vegetation
pillow of grass clover and closer pink and cream yellow and green, dust and yellow just go

Monday, 6 May 2013

may 4

jumped a month and jumped a fire
explosion of abundant nettles
green dark against green bright solid and strong lined
cherry blossom overfows and was not here 5 days ago
leaves still in their smallness
loud cries helter skeltering around, drill of a duck

may 4

P5043845.JPG, originally uploaded by Clare Whistler.

Sunday, 28 April 2013


P4283816.JPG, originally uploaded by Clare Whistler.

april 28

so many roots that have followed on
some that fade out
some that blossom
some that give to others

countenoring of birdsong
white blossom exista airbourne as stems disappear in this light
few leaves but their promise
stinging nettles glorious in their abundant green
a great stir of beauty

stretched clouds
sun in clouds of waves

Monday, 1 April 2013

april 1 2013 with cairn

its always sound first-
stirring wind that wipes the face and buffoons and bubbles across the air, the pull back and push, tide-like deepening and flittering with catkin drumming
empty branches at field bottom roar like soft gongs
it could all be different cars, lorries, planes but right now it is all made by breeze layering in among the beginnings of leafed trees - high spot hums with sun, tremendous roar of the holly trees high winds ruptures it
even gate shocks as it clatters back
I am here with cairn and he is using the net finding dead frogspawn and not much, it is the coldest easter on record - I hope it all limps back to life
my son, MY son, sits in the ruins of his great great great uncle's farmhouse and the ancestory becomes live - I somehow thought it was amazing to end with me but seeing him there, near the beehives I see that ancient history, family history, can hold him too when he is lost,

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Friday, 1 March 2013

a mad march hare dash up to the barn for the first day of the month
to gather, regather,undo, well up, release, reangle,rearrange, rough up, ramble
take in pre spring
purple edges on silver birches
dark din of conifer plantation
catkin kiss and stipple
lichen tipping and holding to hawthorn tree
its main season before bud, leaf, bird
like misty bobbles, ghost christmas decorations, pompoms
cut marsh reeds
bracken bramble leans the hedge over
the oak is maybe no longer so young as I watch it for a 5th year
it is one of my compasses
grey of course but light drifting through clouds
black dot swallows
and the grass is so green
I am sitting here with a blade
while my piece of green ribbon is in Munich trying to live!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

I have thorns in my hair, I just combed into them going up a steep bank
every step haloed
no thorn crowned
the last hawthron outer edging coming away
sometimes if you go with undetermined softness you get through hurdles

why is my heart so thumping
that could be poetry but its medical and slightly sick making
lay down to earth
recover the right pace

Saturday, 2 February 2013

feb 2 2013 first visit this year

back from Canada
a bright but bared day, everything is hunkered down and smooth - water flatened
after floods and snow, sodden ground
bricks have been moved from the old oast ruin to the entry of the pond, placed like castle building, or a drains mechanism, some are lain across the road, maybe to stop cars getting stuck
all looks wintered and shadowed and fine line drawn
only I share that its great to be back and homed