Friday, 1 March 2013

a mad march hare dash up to the barn for the first day of the month
to gather, regather,undo, well up, release, reangle,rearrange, rough up, ramble
take in pre spring
purple edges on silver birches
dark din of conifer plantation
catkin kiss and stipple
lichen tipping and holding to hawthorn tree
its main season before bud, leaf, bird
like misty bobbles, ghost christmas decorations, pompoms
cut marsh reeds
bracken bramble leans the hedge over
the oak is maybe no longer so young as I watch it for a 5th year
it is one of my compasses
grey of course but light drifting through clouds
black dot swallows
and the grass is so green
I am sitting here with a blade
while my piece of green ribbon is in Munich trying to live!