Monday, 28 February 2011

feb 28

the fall of day
still chill
old dinner-plate grey clouds

flip and wiget of wings of the nesting bird in thatch
lisp of one higher in the air
the curling one
clipping and sighing, dancing and simpering, kettling, rambling, ticking, chucking,
mixing, delegating, jumping,
jittering around the valley

the edges mute up as light leaves
a silent swallow gently flippers across the sky

Thursday, 24 February 2011

february 25

4 visits later

this morning -  sun, two dogs appearing more scared of me than me, with their trecker doing her round,
gratitude is shared
to have a boundary
to have no boundary
to have this world to hold me up
light turns and colour bathes the view
dense, damp, drying, jumping, laughing, strumming, slipping, sectioning, dripping, marveling, musing,ricocheting, deep sound of woven bird language, cows, hawks, trucks, dogs and droning cars, a yawning mow, a tripping rapid release
all this noise greets the sun!
Someone in the two days has chopped back the growth of thorns and reeds

two mornings earlier, a mist, a soggy trip

a visit with Leslie and Scarlett and talks of the event for May 8th

Judith and I and our day with no preparation and its unflowering

Monday, 14 February 2011

february 14

a slice of sun
an edge of cloud
a lung of life
a twitch on my ragged soul
the littering of catkins
upright and bright
yellow and true
every breath  held
give back
my lung of life
my edge of cloud
my slice of sun

Monday, 7 February 2011

Dancers in Landscape February 6

February 7

the bare hawthorn ghosts against the yew
like old dresses-
taken away,
leaving the stitches-
little lobs, snitches, knotted lines-
Delicate as long gone perfume
Its blurred outline crimped and lonely.
Revealed only by the greenbacked yew.

I hear a rock band of wind
a dropping, cluttering, bird of noise
the restless traffic of  air

It all sways-
cloud to tree to grass to brick
the doors flurry and smash, shocking the walls,
fly and warp like leaves
reverberate and shift
It rushes up
even in the gloom and groan
winter is usurped