Thursday, 24 February 2011

february 25

4 visits later

this morning -  sun, two dogs appearing more scared of me than me, with their trecker doing her round,
gratitude is shared
to have a boundary
to have no boundary
to have this world to hold me up
light turns and colour bathes the view
dense, damp, drying, jumping, laughing, strumming, slipping, sectioning, dripping, marveling, musing,ricocheting, deep sound of woven bird language, cows, hawks, trucks, dogs and droning cars, a yawning mow, a tripping rapid release
all this noise greets the sun!
Someone in the two days has chopped back the growth of thorns and reeds

two mornings earlier, a mist, a soggy trip

a visit with Leslie and Scarlett and talks of the event for May 8th

Judith and I and our day with no preparation and its unflowering