Sunday, 17 October 2010

October 17th Julia visit to Bunces Barn

Tractor Trundle 1 from clare whistler on Vimeo.

Tractor Trundle 2 from clare whistler on Vimeo.

After the excitement of the Tractor Trundle ( 80 tractors touring the environs of Ashburnham for a few hours) which we jumped onto via Alan Petty's scoop and tractor outside my house, and lunch, Julia and I walked up to the barn in bright autumn sun.  So many conversations had already been had but when we were sitting quietly at the barn Julia came up with an explanation of what I am doing via the thoughts of her friend Barbara
"Intimacy and diversity" working project by project over time - produces a quality of neighbourliness which enables people to contribute their skills and ability to a common effort when needed in a transformation or crisis.  If you don't know what you have in other people, how can you use it in the best way.
Always learning the skills of engagement and negotiation to face uncertain futures, its what the timeless role of a middle-aged woman does, having the mobility to  cross cultures and class, to make it safe for others.

"To weave things from your doorstep"      "To bring the world back into your body from your feet"
"After all the shouting we need to whisper"

Intimacy and Diversity  could be the name of the conversations I have at Bunces Barn.