Monday, 25 July 2011

july 26

ages have past
in time, place, creations
leaving here two weeks ago in tune with the dancers in sunrise
to the tune of Saul and Handel in Buxton
a day with Judith here with thorns, string, drawing
Candle only three weeks ago
Argentina, Pelleas and Melisande, 8 dancers
party birthday

a quiet solemn day Joanna has left after 5 weeks
walking in a trance to the barn
wildflowers into their seedings
deep colours aching purple, intense yellow
purity white of bindweed

cross the makeshift bridge  glance down at a flash of red
a candle, used, startling it must be mine?
dragged from the cells of death in the bunker somehow lost here among the grass
trickster of many stories
memories continually being made
a shock
like finding part of me in an unexpected place
7 magpies over the thatch
so secrets
who knows