Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday October 24

bees, wasps, flies
autumn, but warmed
leaves telescoped behind each other , depth lengthened
could wisdom focus like that with age, with autumn

thatch shedding like pick-a sticks

hawthorn tree emptied, soft edges overgrown and stringy

lie on the bricks
bathe in sun

body, bricks, earth
layers of roots
ancient earth
historic bricks
50 year old body
simple layers fathomed deep
charged with experience

my roots
stories I have lived
forbear history of this plot of land
this land
this natural world

dragonfly breezes in, melding into stone, dark on white brick
bee on my neck, jiggle it away
dragonfly clinging to sunned wall
and off past my leg to the pond
a slice of light

a huge butterfly opens it brown, orange, black and white flaps
moves like a heart

cascades away in unruly patterns